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Frontera de Acevedo - Huila, Colombia
Frontera de Acevedo - Huila, Colombia

Frontera de Acevedo - Huila, Colombia

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Producer: Multiple Small Producers
Region: The Hamlets of La Estrella, La Marimba, Bateas, Las Minas, La Barniza, El Vergel, & Bolivar
Variety: Pink Bourbon
Process: Washed, 24 hour fermentation
Elevation: 1650-1800m
Harvest: Winter 2021/2022
Importer: Osito Coffee


Acevedo is a municipality located in the south eastern portion of Huila with a unique and exceptional coffee growing climate. It's nestled in a valley where the Andes split into distinct chains, with jungle climates abutting the mountains. The moist air from the jungle is cooled when it hits the mountains, creating ideal coffee growing conditions, but at a lower elevation than is usual. Cooler temperatures during growing periods leads to slower growth, and more complex, sweeter, and more acidic coffees.


Juicy ripe berry aromatics up front, with sweetness and body like Medjool date. Sweet citrus on the finish.

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