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AA Kahete Coffee Factory - Muranga'a County, Kenya

AA Kahete Coffee Factory - Muranga'a County, Kenya

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North of Nairobi, near the border with Nyeri County sits Muranga'a, a densely populated city on the edge of the forest. Surrounding the city are hills made from red volcanic soil, laden with coffee and crops for local consumption. The cool temperatures and damp air in the hills slow down the growth of the coffee, ensuring acidity, complexity, and layered sweetness. The harvests here are on average 97% SL-28 & 34, and 3% Ruiri & Batian.

Producer: Grown by local farmers with processing by Kahete Coffee Factory
Region: Muranga'a County
Variety: SL-28/34, Riuri, Batian
Process: Washed
Elevation: 1800m

Harvest: 2022
Importer: Nordic Approach

Contract Price: $7.50/LB

Flavor Profile: Very sweet and tart, like maple syrup mixed with jam. The flavors range from cola, root beer to strawberry jam.

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