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Dhilgee Nensebo Refisa Bulk packaging

Dhilgee Nensebo Refisa #2, West Arsi, Ethiopia

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In the lingua franca of Ethiopia, Oromiffa, the word Dhilgee means "blood red," referring to the deep purple-red hue of the ripe & sweet coffee cherries harvested here. We've purchased coffee from Refisa Station a few times now and every time we've loved the dense sweetness, wide-ranging fruit characteristics, and longevity of these high-altitude coffees. These coffees were grown in a semi-forest setting, meaning the land is owned by the farmers who are free to plant a variety of crops that diversify their harvests and maintain better healthy soil conditions.

Producer: Grown by local farmers and processed by Refisa Washing Station
Region: West Arsi
Variety: Washed Wolisho, Kurume, 74110, & 74112
Process: Washed, 72 hour fermentation
Elevation: 1950m
Harvest: Winter 2021/2022
Importer: Nordic Approach

Flavor: White grape and lemon aromatics, with a tealike but milky body. Strawberry jam sweetness, with a lingering finish

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