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Edilma Piedrahita - Washed Bourbon Aji - Huila, Colombia

Edilma Piedrahita - Washed Bourbon Aji - Huila, Colombia

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The Basics:

Producer: Edilma Piedrahita
Location: Huila, Colombia
Variety: Bourbon Aji
Process: Washed
Elevation: 1600-1800m
Harvest: 2024
Importer: Shared Source

Contract Price: $9.20

Tasting Notes: 

Floral honeysuckle aroma. Flavors of yellow peach, mango, and candied-strawberry. Syrupy mouthfeel and pomelo acidity. 

Additional Information:

We're excited to introduce this beautiful coffee from Edilma Piedrahita, a talented producer and leader of the Los Guacharos group in Finca El Agrado in the Huila region of Colombia. This group is all about independence, quality, and sharing technical information and resources with one another. Edilma recently got her hands on some Bourbon Aji seeds thanks to her fellow group member, Ildefonso Cordoba. To process this coffee, Edilma carefully picks ripe cherries and lets them ferment in a plastic bag for 36 hours. She then de-pulps the coffee beans and lets them ferment for another 36-40 hours in sealed plastic barrels, followed by a light cold water wash. The coffee is then shade-dried for 15-20 days with controlled humidity of 11%. The Bourbon Aji variety is known for its resistance to coffee leaf rust and has a genetic and flavor similarities to an Ethiopian heirloom. The name "Aji" actually comes from a Latin American spicy sauce, describing the spiced characteristics of the coffee. This spice characteistic is balanced with florals, red fruit, and tropical flavors.

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