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Hills Around Kibira - Kayanza & Muramva, Burundi

Hills Around Kibira - Kayanza & Muramva, Burundi

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Regular mists from Kibira Forest ensure constant and regular cool rains - perfect coffee weather. The soil is a mix of silt and sand, not only great for coffee, but great for the other crops grown alongside: wheat, cassava, onions, potatoes, beans, peas, passionfruit, and tea. In Burundi there are three levels of administrative subdivision, the smallest of which is colline literally 'hill', thus The Hills Around Kibira Forest refers to the many communities that make up this Regional Field Blend.

Producer: Farmers of Kayanza and Muramva 
Region: Kayanza & Muramva
Variety: Red Bourbon, Mibirizi
Process: Washed, 24 hour fermentation
Elevation: 1800m+
Harvest: 2022
Importer: Osito Coffee, Long Miles Coffee

Contract Price: $3.65/LB

Tasting Notes: Dark chocolate and molasses sweetness with cherry flavors and cranberry acidity emerging as it cools

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