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Kinini Village - Natural Bourbon - Northern Provence, Rwanda

Kinini Village - Natural Bourbon - Northern Provence, Rwanda

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The Basics:

Producer: Kinini Cooperative
Location: Northern Provence, Kinini Village
Variety: Bourbon
Process: Natural
Elevation: 1700-1900m
Harvest: 2024
Importer: Crop to Cup

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Tasting Notes: 

Gentle elderflower aromatics. Flavors like tart blackcurrant and Cassis liquer. Juicy raspberry jam finish. 

Additional Information:

Situated in the Northern Province of Rwanda, the Kinini Cooperative is a majority women-operated group that takes its name from the nearby Kinini washing station. In their inaugural year of production, the cooperative, under the guidance of Malcom Clear and Jacquie Turner, turned to coffee industry experts and the Rwanda government for assistance in selecting the perfect spot to cultivate coffee. Through their dedication to giving back to the local community and farmers, they provided coffee trees, training, a washing station, dry mill, export and import facilities, and more.

Their collaborative efforts have yielded a natural-processed bourbon, a rare method of processing in Rwanda. This coffee offers enticing aromas of elderflower and raspberry, with flavors of raspberry, black currant, and a jammy, mouth-coating texture, finishing with hints of cassis.

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