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Los Nogales - Anaerobic Mucilage Low-Caf Caturra - Nariño, Colombia

Los Nogales - Anaerobic Mucilage Low-Caf Caturra - Nariño, Colombia

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 The Basics:

Producer: Angie and Oscar Hernandez
Location: Nariño, Colombia
Variety: Caturra
Process: Mucilage EA 
Elevation: 1750m
Harvest: 2024
Importer: Forest Coffee

Contract Price: $10/lb

Tasting Notes: 

Deeply complex, with sweetness like crème brûlée, flavors of watermelon Jolly Rancher, and acidity like strawberry lemonade.

Additional Information

This special low-caf coffee comes from Angie and Oscar Hernandez at Finca Los Nogales in Nariño, Colombia. Known for their award-winning typica variety that won this year's US Brewers Cup Championship, this lot is a caturra using the same meticulous processes. The cherries undergo a unique method involving thermal shock and a 90-hour fermentation with lactobacilli in plastic barrels. Post-fermentation, the cherries are depulped and soaked in their own mucilage and ethyl acetate for 48 hours. Ethyl acetate significantly dissolves caffiene content. Whiel this is not a full decaf coffee, lab results from Oscar's team shwos about a third of caffiene content remaining. With its exceptional fermentation and flavor development, this coffee offers unparalleled sweetness and flavor in the low-caf category.

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