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Diego Bermudez - Tropical Castillo - Cauca, Colombia

Diego Bermudez - Tropical Castillo - Cauca, Colombia

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The Basics:

Producer: Diego Bermudez
Location: Finca el Paraíso
Variety: Castillo
Process: Double Washed
Harvest: 2023
Importer: Direct Trade

Contract Price: $8.50

Tasting Notes: 

Aromas of dried mango and florals. Tastes like a medley of tropical fruit like mango and passionfruit, as well as red fruits like strawberries, pink guava, and rose. Body is creamy with a lactic acidity like yogurt. 

Additional Background: The cherries are placed in fermentation tanks and aerobically fermented for 48 hours. Then, the pulp and mucilage are removed and processed in a separate lab to create a microorganism called kluveromyces lactis. Kluveromyces is added back to the fermentation tank for 24 hours to bring out complex tropical fruit notes. A thermal shock wash process is then performed, in which the fermentation water is drastically increased to allow fermentation flavors to integrate with the coffee cherries followed by a cold wash to preserve the fermentation aroma and flavors. The cherries are then dried in a dehumidifer to preserve the softer delicate notes of the coffee. Overall, Diego's Tropical Castillo has a complex array of tropical fruits and red fruits and has a flavor profile similar to a tropical fruit smoothie.

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