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Loveless Coffees Xánat (Vanilla Flower) blend front angle
Loveless Coffees Xánat (Vanilla Flower) blend bulk pack

Xánat (Vanilla Flower) - Puebla, México

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In Nahuatl, the language group used by both the Aztec and Toltec peoples - as well as the indigenous populations of México and Central America, the name Xánat (pronounced "AH-nat") means "Vanilla Flower." Vanilla was a favorite spice of the Aztec people, naturally sweet and aromatic, and appropirate for a producers collective focused on growing sweet, aromatic, and complex coffee. This coffee will be two firsts for us - our first Marsillesa varietal, and our first coffee from the Méxican state of Puebla.

Producer: Xánat Producer Group
Region: Chiapa de Eloxochitlán, Sierra Negra, Puebla
Variety: Typica, Sarchimora, Marsillesa
Process: Washed
Elevation: 1550-1650m
Harvest: 2022
Importer: Osito Coffee

Flavor: Marzipan and maple with mild citrus acidity and light honey sweetness.

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