About Loveless

loveless coffee lined up
Welcome to Loveless Coffees. We're a small team of coffee professionals from Brooklyn that are passionate about curating and roasting sweet, juicy, and complex coffees that exhibit well-structured and interesting flavor profiles. We roast in a style we call New York-Nordic, influenced by our training in Norway and our barista careers in New York. The style falls somewhere around medium-light, but with a pronounced clarity, sweetness, and structure. Interested in joining the team? Email your resume to hiring@lovelesscoffees.coffee. Next time we're hiring, we'll reach out.
We're also passionate helping protect the ecosystems of our growing partners by paying fair prices that allow for internal reinvestment. Coffee grows in very particular conditions, at the very least requiring high elevation, cool temperatures, and regular rainfall; in other words, an environment highly susceptible to climate change. Coffee producers in changing environments are acutely aware of this fragility, having already suffered larger and more devastating hurricanes regularly, and less and less predictable rainfall.

What we're doing to contribute:

  • Our boxes are certified by the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC), are made with 100% renewable materials, at least 50% recycled materials, and are 100% compostable.
  • We've reduced the plastic components of our packaging as much as we're reasonably able. 
  • We use 60% biodegradable by weight Biotre 1.0 bags for our interior packaging. Recycling and composting information can be found here.

We roast on a Loring Falcon, which is 30% more gas efficient than standard roasters.  


Pricing & Transparency

You can always find the price of the coffees we buy on the store page for each coffee. We like to publish the prices of the coffees we sell because it puts a little bit of pressure on the industry to ensure producers are getting a worthwhile price for their sweat and mental energy. We will always publish what we paid for the unroasted coffee, which doesn't a middleman or two. When its available to us, we'll also publish the price the producer was given per pound sold.