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A Coffee For Daniel - A Coffee Collaboration With Real Estate

A Coffee For Daniel - A Coffee Collaboration With Real Estate

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We're excited to release this collaboration, 'A Coffee For Daniel' with our friends Real Estate, coinciding with the release of their critically acclaimed album 'Daniel.'

We all have Daniels in our lives - friends, brothers, father-in-laws - this coffee is for Daniel. This coffee is extremely limited - we'll only be releasing 99 of these 11oz boxes.

We listen to a lot of Real Estate at Loveless Cafe. We also drink and think about coffee a lot, which makes us probably experts in the subject of pairing coffee and Real Estate albums. We think you'll find that this creamy, floral and sweet brew, from a farm appropriately called Miraflores, is the perfect match for all the magical and breezy songs on 'Daniel.'

A quote from Alex Bleeker:

"Here at Real Estate the Band LLC, we drink a lot of coffee. How else do you think we find the energy to deliver a blistering live set on tour night after night? Once again we've partnered with our dear friends at Loveless coffee to bring you something truly special. This stuff is GOOD - you're going to want to taste it, believe us." 

Additional Background:

Members of Loveless and Real Estate have been friends since high school, where they spent aimless hours driving through green aisles and often overstaying their welcome in the diners of North Jersey - even briefly forming a band together. Loveless and Real Estate are mutual fans of each others' work, and previously collaborated with a coffee co-release for Real Estate's album The Main Thing.

The Coffee:

Miraflores (View of Flowers)

Producer: Miraflores Community Producers
Location: Zamora Chinchipe, Ecuador
Variety: Typica
Process: Washed
Elevation: 1600m
Harvest: 2023
Importer: Collaborative Coffee Source


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