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Diego Bermudez - Castillo Lychee - Cauca, Colombia

Diego Bermudez - Castillo Lychee - Cauca, Colombia

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The Basics:

Producer: Diego Bermudez
Location: Finca el Paraíso
Variety: Castillo
Process: Double Anaerobic, Thermal-Shock, Washed
Harvest: 2023
Importer: Direct Trade

Contract Price: $8.50

Tasting Notes:

Aromas of hazelnut and yellow apple. Flavors of lychee and starfruit, as well as peach and apricot. Acidity is malic like an apple, but sweet like caramel. Body is creamy and aftertaste is long lasting.

Additional Background: This beautiful coffee comes from Diego Bermudez's Finca el Paraiso in Cauca, Colombia. It's called 'lychee' not due to any real fruit co-fermentation, but because Diego's double fermentation and thermal shock processing brings out a flavor profile similar to lychee. First, cherries are anaerobically fermented for 72 hours submerged in water. Then the coffee pulp and mucilage are separated and brought to a pilot plant to produce a 'yellow fruit' yeast culture. The yeast culture is added back to the fermentation tank for a second fermentation of 36 hours. Diego then uses his thermal shock process to preserve these flavors and aroma from fermentation. In thermal shock, the water temperature during fermentation water is first increased to 40C to open up the coffee seed's pores to allow in flavors and aromatics from the fermentation media. It's then washed with 12C cold water to lock in the flavors and aromas. Finally, the coffee is dried in a dehumidifer to better preserve these multitudinal flavors and aromas. Overall, Diego's techniques create a coffee that develop an array of yellow fruits like apples, peaches, and apricot, along with a caramel sweetness that's carried by a long lasting finish.

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