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Diego Bermudez - Lacto-Fermented Natural Gesha - Cauca, Colombia

Diego Bermudez - Lacto-Fermented Natural Gesha - Cauca, Colombia

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The Basics:

Producer: Diego Bermudez
Location: Finca el Paraíso
Variety: Gesha
Process: Overripe picked, 48 Hour Lacto-fermented, 48 Hour Natural
Elevation: 1930m
Harvest: 2023
Importer: Direct Trade

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Tasting Notes: 

Aromatic blend of blossoms and lime. Flavors of trop- ical fruit like mango and passionfruit. The acidity is bright and citric like pink grapefruit and lime, with an aftertaste that’s sweet and long-lasting.

Additional Background:This natural-process gesha varietal comes from Diego Bermudez's Finca El Paraiso, in Cauca. Geshas grown in this region have a delicate citrus and floral aroma, and Diego has emphasized these traits and more with his innovative and artful processing decisions. Diego picks overripe cherries, which gives the resulting coffee more fruit flavors. The cherries are then fermented for 48 hours in solid state, followed by 48 hours submerged with lactobacilius. The cherries are then dried in a dehumidifer to avoid overfermentation and preserve the tropical and floral notes of the coffee. Diego's use of both cherry fermentation and a 96 hour fermentation brings a bright and citric coffee with a complex tropical and yellow fruit flavor profile.

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