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Kibingo Station - Yeast Inoculated Natural - Kayanza, Burundi

Kibingo Station - Yeast Inoculated Natural - Kayanza, Burundi

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The Basics:

Producer: Kibingo Station
Location: Kayanza
Variety: Red Bourbon
Process: Dry Natural, Yeast-Inoculated
Elevation: 1700-1900m
Harvest: 2024

Contract Price: $5.12

Tasting Notes: 

Aromatics of dried blackberry, cascara, and watermelon. Delicate flavors of juicy watermelon on the finish. 

Additional Information:

This year marks our second time buying a yeast-inoculated coffee from the Kibingo washing station. The cherries were delivered from Kayanza to Kibingo, where the team has been working on isolating different yeast strains. One of the strains they've tried is called cima yeast, which has been gathering a reputation for enhancing the fruity and complex flavors in the coffee. This natural Burundi features an array and berry and red fruit flavors.

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