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Musa Abulalesa - Oma Fontule, Ethiopia

Musa Abulalesa - Oma Fontule, Ethiopia

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The Basics:

Producer: Musa Abulalesa
Location: Limu, Oma Fontule
Variety:  Ethiopia Heirloom 
Process: Washed
Harvest: 2023
Importer: Crop to Cup

Contract Price: $5.86

Tasting Notes: 

White tea, melon and peach flavors. Candy like sweetness with a juicy texture. Green apple acidity, and tea-like finish.

Additional Background:

Musa and his two brothers produce coffee together in Agaro, Ethiopia. The land was acquired thanks in part to his father. Before Musa was born, his father Abalulesa, was a guerilla fighter opposing the military government in Ethiopia. The government had a bounty on Abulalesa, but when his health was failing a close friend took care of him. Abalulessa had his friend tell the government he captured and killed Abulalesa to get the bounty. In return, Musa and his brothers acquired land through the government's amnesty and reconciliation program. Musa is one of the first producers to work directly with Crop to Cup as of 2016. This new partnership allowed Musa to earn higher premiums for his coffees as well as expand and renovate his farm, drying beds and warehouse. 

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